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Tanktimus - Soresu Defender of the Rangers by lilwolfe006 Tanktimus - Soresu Defender of the Rangers :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 3 0 The Contract by lilwolfe006 The Contract :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 1 0 Hard Choices by lilwolfe006 Hard Choices :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 0 0 The Rebel Rousers by lilwolfe006 The Rebel Rousers :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 0 0 Thoughtful Knight by lilwolfe006 Thoughtful Knight :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 1 1 Naoya by lilwolfe006 Naoya :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 1 0 Richard Commons by lilwolfe006 Richard Commons :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 0 0 Riggins by lilwolfe006 Riggins :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 4 0 Narrik by lilwolfe006 Narrik :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 0 0 Kessa Abendroth by lilwolfe006 Kessa Abendroth :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 1 0 Lord Ezraldo Homera Odesseron by lilwolfe006 Lord Ezraldo Homera Odesseron :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 1 0 Roland at the Campsite by lilwolfe006 Roland at the Campsite :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 2 0 Ghivran by lilwolfe006 Ghivran :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 1 0 Miranda Harper Saden Zaharre Delacroix III by lilwolfe006 Miranda Harper Saden Zaharre Delacroix III :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 1 0 Master Valyen by lilwolfe006 Master Valyen :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 3 0 Jaiks New Hair by lilwolfe006 Jaiks New Hair :iconlilwolfe006:lilwolfe006 2 0


Hero Card by KevinMCrow Hero Card :iconkevinmcrow:KevinMCrow 6 2 DA2: Hawke has something to say by camibee DA2: Hawke has something to say :iconcamibee:camibee 1,147 163


Tanktimus - Soresu Defender of the Rangers
Tanktimus the Encourager, Guild Leader of the amazing Rangers on NerdFitness.   Mentor.   Chaplain.  Friend.    He favors Soresu as his lightsaber technique, so here's the classic pose.   

I freak out so much when asked to draw peeps from real life into art.   I also should not have tried to work on foreshortening on this one!  LOL.    I shall one day improve on all of this and give this awesome guy a much more awesome pic! :D
The Contract
Kessa is called up for the next contract and must once again put on the mask.   Many nights she has prayed that it would become easier...  on many more nights she has pleaded that it won't.    So it remains a burden she carries silently; ever dutiful to the Midnight Surprise and its goals.
Hard Choices
Kessa often has to choose her assignment over what feels right.    Despite often putting forth a calm, confident smile, she carries those burdens with silent stoicism.    As she continues to travel with the small band she has accompanied these past weeks, she begins to wonder if the right choice is to tell them who she is and what she does, or continue to deceive them of her true colors.
The Rebel Rousers
An odd group of adventurers have come together it seems!   After years of Prince Alrun's reign, his tyranny has demoralized the nation and certain groups are beginning to move in hope of freeing the land and returning the rule to the Princess (if she's alive!)  Riggins, the halfling warlock, and Kessa the human rogue are both part of the Midnight Surprise- an assassin organization known for high profile kills who are rumored to be looking to oust the Prince.     Naoya, a member of Crom's Shepards and an Aasimar Paladin/Sorcerer has  come to find Riggins the most trustworthy of companions, so the two have buddied up.    The Dwarven fighter, Narrek, well, he's strong and stout and ... great for carrying the halfling's things... or the halfling should the need arise.   It leaves Kessa worried for his safety (especially should Naoya ever figure out the halfling is part of the Surprise).   Meanwhile, Richard Commons, our half elf bard, looks on with irritation and impatience... though we guess he's a soft spot for us deep down.
Thoughtful Knight
This is no one in particular, but I wanted to try doing some rear lighting stuff.    Pretty okay with this one.   Was nice to get mostly a face shot!   I've been doing so much full body crazy poses.  >.<


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United States
Old dog trying to teach herself new tricks. As a big fan of anime, and a habitual roleplayer, I wanted to be able to draw my own characters. So! I decided to start trying to learn a new hobby. Hoooboy!


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